Can I get a left handed bow? 

All Xpectre bows are ambidextrous for left & right hand use.

What is the draw of the bow?

The Spectre II and the Nomad bows are a 28 inch draw.   The Raptor 40/50 is a 30 inch draw. 

Can you ship to a P.O. Boxes and APO addresses?

Yes we ship USPS Priority Mail. 

Can I purchase different size limb draw weights? 

Yes, the Spectre II limbs are interchangeable.  You can purchase 35, 45 and 55 lbs. for the Spectre II.  Nomad is 45 lbs. but you can purchase the Spectre II limbs for this bow as well. * you will need to purchase the correct string to go with replacement limbs if changing the draw weight*  Please see the listing under Products - Survival Bows.

Can I purchase extra strings? 

Yes they are listed on the web site under the Survival Bow Category. 

Can I use the bow for recreation target purposes? 

Yes, these bows are great for target practice. 

Would these bows be good to purchase for a child's bow? 

That depends on the age of the child. For example; kids 8-10 should start off with a bow that is 15 to 20lbs. Kids 10 – 12 can be 25-35lbs. But these figures will vary for each child. The lightest draw weight we offer is 35lbs. which may be suitable for an older child.  Our bows are designed after the long bow style.  The max draw weight is obtained at 28inch draw length.  Most children will have a shorter draw length, which will decrease the draw weight of the bow.

Does this bow and arrow set come with a warranty or money back guarantee? 

Yes, all of our products have a 1 year guaranty against damage under normal use and if you are not completely satisfied return the complete set and we will give you a full refund. 

Would this be a good bow for sport hunting? 

Yes, our bows are designed and made for hunting. This bow was desinged for instinctive shooting method. You may change the arrow rest to your liking.

Is the Spectre II made in the United States? 

Yes, all of the bows made by Xpectre, Inc. are made in the USA.

Does Xpectre Inc. ship international?

Yes!  International Priority Mail Service is 6-10 business days, International First Class mail will take approximately 14 days.

This does not include wait times with customs.  We mark all of our International shipments as Merchandise / Bow and Arrow Set. 

The average cost to most counties for Priority Mail Service is $50.00.  The average cost for First Class mail is $35.00

What is the length of the arrows?

Our arrows are 30 inches long.

What spine is the arrow?

The spine of the arrow is 350 the straightness is .006.

How do I adjust the arrow rest?

The tips of the arrow rest should be aligned to the middle of the fletches.  Slightly bend the arrow rest tips to sit correctly on the arrow.